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Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, and that now includes what you and your team accomplished each day via our Slack integration.

Your updates in Slack

Instead of sending your team’s updates to you by email, you can connect HeyUpdate to your Slack channels and have the summary posted there for everyone to see. It’s the perfect place to start the conversation about your accomplishments.

Get a friendly reminder

Tell HeyUpdate your Slack username and you’ll receive a friendly reminder from Slackbot to write an update each day. We’ll even send a summary of your recent activity to jog your memory. Sharing your progress with your team has never been simpler.

Stay in Slack

Quickly and easily write updates without leaving Slack. We understand that you might not want to leave Slack and miss the best GIF of the day, that’s why we created the slash command. Just write your message after /heyupdate and it will appear on HeyUpdate.

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HeyUpdate makes it super easy for teams to keep in sync and become more open. It’s perfect for teams that love to get things done.

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