Open Startups

We created HeyUpdate to solve our problem with progress tracking. We soon saw the value and decided to turn it into a product in the hope that other companies would also. That was back in 2014.

We set ourselves an initial goal of reaching $1000 MRR. An arbitrary number, but it seemed achievable and reaching it would validate our idea that this could actually be a real business. Last month with the help of our 200+ users we hit this target and of course celebrated immediately by reaching for the can opener. We decided it was about time we started tracking our metrics more closely so we signed up to Baremetrics and started to make sense of all the pretty charts.

When Josh first made the Baremetrics dashboard public we were watching closely and were inspired by his openness. The same when Buffer opened up their metrics and became the poster child for business transparency.

So for us, joining the Open Startups movement with Baremetrics, Buffer, ConvertKit and others alike seemed like the obvious thing to do. We have been inspired by their journeys thus far and have learnt a lot from these companies being so open about how they grew their business. We feel like it’s now our time for us to step up and document our progress.

Open Startups

Our public dashboard is now available for all to see.

HeyUpdate public metrics